Psych0tik Network

The psych0tik network is an umbrella organization created to support various projects related to security, privacy, anonymity a...

Created on 24.10.11 17:57 UTC+0
HellBound Hackers

HellBound Hackers is an IT security-oriented forum site with a large selection of interactive challenges to help with the learn...

Created on 31.10.11 01:30 UTC+0

A site compiling many hacking challenge sites from across the web.

Created on 06.12.11 18:27 UTC+0


A French website to help users learn with challenges in a variety of categories.

Created on 14.04.12 23:07 UTC+0

This site tests your abilities in Cracking & RCE (Reverse Code Engineering).

Created on 16.04.12 01:27 UTC+0 provides many different kinds of challenges as well as tutorials for C++ and Java programming.

Created on 16.04.12 22:43 UTC+0


A site based on the TV show LOST.

Created on 18.04.12 00:05 UTC+0

µContest provides programming challenges in different fields like cryptography, maths or physics. You are free to use your favo...

Created on 18.04.12 01:34 UTC+0

Livinskull's site with various codes, tools, and documents created by Livinskull.

Created on 30.04.12 22:44 UTC+0