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The psych0tik network allows for the general public to benefit from our research and experimentation and provides the added effect of giving staffers a real user base to test and explore those projects. By pooling our resources, time and varied knowledge we've been able to increase our output and regularity. We learn from each other and become resources to each other.

Above all, it's more fun. This last point is likely the most accurate and
shouldn't be overlooked. We enjoy hacking at computers and doing it together
is even better.

Our network is home to IRC channels for many IT communities, including Valhalla.

The psych0tik network is operated and maintained by the internet nomads known as CarbonLifeForm, only.Samurai, and richo.

We're always open to new ideas or suggestions and the best way to get those to us is through our psych0tik-list mailing list or at #psych0tik on our IRC. Post a message there and the community can develop the idea and a staffer can implement it.