1. Use a VPN (virtual private network). Though you can find ones that are free when it comes to VPNs its never good to be cheap. Shell out the extra bucks to get a good one. Also find out where the VPN is geographically based and read the laws of that area. A good VPN location is Sweden since they have very good privacy laws. Note nothing is perfect.

2. Use a anonymity network like TOR or I2P. These two are the most trusted but note they have different uses. TOR is for accessing the regular Internet while I2P is commonly used for communication. Note nothing is perfect.

3. Use a non-secured wireless network such as one provided by certain stores, motels etc. Also use a MAC changer. It is also good practice to not use the same wireless network more than once though that can be bothersome.

4. Never ever ever ever give out personal info when trying to be anonymous on the Internet. It is a well known fact that the weakest link in security is the human link.

5. Use a liveCD like that has Tor built in and does not leave data on your hard drive. Some good ones I know of is TAILS, The Haven Project and Liberte Linux. Note nothing is perfect.

6. Learn to keep sensitive info on removable media such as CDs or flash-drives.

7. If all else fails get a good wiper. A well trusted one is DBAN (Darik's Boot And Nuke). It fits on a CD and all you do is put it in and let the magic happen. NOTE THIS IS SUPPOSED TO DELETE ALL OF YOUR DATA. ALSO NOTE THE 'supposed to', and nothing is perfect.

8. Don't get too attached to your tech. You may just need to nuke AKA microwave it.

9. Use TrueCrypt to encrypt your data. Nothing is perfect

The best thing to do is find a spare computer that isn't really expensive. Take out the hard drive(s). Use a liveCD and when needed junk it.

I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING YOU DO WITH THIS INFO. YOU DO SOMETHING STUPID ITS YOUR FAULT. This article is directed to those who are in oppressive countries and those whose lives depend on staying anonymous.

* Darik's Boot And Nuke
* TOR project
* I2P
* Haven
* Liberte Linux
* Popular VPN based in Sweden
* TrueCrypt