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My Python code has the wrong output! Help!

import math
string = 'hel Lo Myn AmeIsF utIlityh oWARe you?!'

def mixup(x):
    total = 0
    newAnswer = ''
    cut = string.split()
    mixedCut = cut[1]+cut[4]+cut[0]+cut[6]+cut[3]+cut[5]+cut[2]

    while x < 10:
        for char in 'alabaster':
            total += ord(char)
        x += 1
    spice = mixedCut[total/113]
    tangerine = mixedCut[total/(70*4)]
    coldCut = mixedCut[int(total/math.pow(7.29,4))]
    ham = mixedCut[total/157]
    icedCream = mixedCut[total/148]
    alarm = mixedCut[int(total/math.pow(26,2))]
    herpes = mixedCut[total/176]
    answer = (spice,tangerine,coldCut,ham,icedCream,alarm,herpes)
    for char in answer:
        newAnswer += str(char)
    print newAnswer

print 'The above should read \"WhoAmI?\" but it won\'t!'
print 'What could I possibly be doing wrong?'

Downloadable source code can be found here.

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