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I dont understand, my Perl code is supposed to find all the GET parameters in a URL, but it doesn't...

my %get_vars;

if (url_all_get_vars("")){

while (my ($keys,$value) = each(%get_vars)){
		print $keys." => ".$value->[$_]."\n" foreach ([email protected]$value-1);

sub url_all_get_vars {
my $url = shift;
my @arr;

return undef unless $url !~ /\?.*?=.*?$/i;

$url =~ /(.*?)\?/;
my $cl_url = $1;

@arr = $url =~ /[\?|&]([\w|\d]*=[\w|\d]*)&*?/gi;
%get_vars = ("$cl_url" => \@arr);
return 1;

Downloadable source code can be found here.

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