Awesome HTML5/CSS/JS template: HTML5 Boilerplate

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Found this awesome template one day while I was surfing on thö web and its so cool i want to share it with you guys:
HTML5 Boilerplate

Why it is good
  * Cross-browser compatible (IE6+, yeah we got that.)
  * HTML5 ready. Use the new tags with certainty.
  * Optimal caching and compression rules for grade-A performance
  * Best practice site configuration defaults
  * Mobile browser optimizations
  * Progressive enhancement graceful degradation � yeah yeah we got that
  * IE specific classes for maximum cross-browser control
  * Handy .no-js and .js classes to style based on capability
  * Console.log nerfing so you won't break anyone by mistake.
  * Never go wrong with your doctype or markup!
  * An optimal print stylesheet, performance optimized.
  * iOS, Android, Opera Mobile-adaptable markup and CSS skeleton.
  * .clearfix, .visuallyhidden classes to style things wisely and accessibly.
  * .htaccess file that allows proper use of HTML5 features and faster page load
  * CDN hosted jQuery with local fallback failsafe.
  * Think there's too much? The HTML5 Boilerplate is delete-key friendly. smile

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Looks useful.

I fixed the bug with UTF-8 support btw, so you can edit your post if you want and fix that.