Firefox Addons

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Hey my friends

It would be interesting to know, what firefox addons you use and like.

My favorites are:
Adblock Plus
Better Privacy
Firebug + extensions for it
Tor Button
User Agent Switcher
Pixlr Grabber (I love that one heart)

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Noscript and https everywhere. I wouldnt use ghostery with tor button. ghostery screw things up and leave information.

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Tamper Data
Modify Headers
CSS Toolbox heart

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Tamper Data
User Agent Switcher
Add N Edit Cookies
Web Developer
Live HTTP Headers

+ some of my own

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Here are some of my favorites:

  • Tamper Data - Allows you to intercept and modify HTTP headers and POST/GET data as it goes out and comes in.
  • Firebug - Lets you inspect the HTML, DOM, and debug javascript. I use it almost every day at work lately.
  • YSlow - Yahoo's page performance analyzer. Useful for web developers. (A Firebug extension)
  • Firecookie - A Firebug extension that allows you to view and modify your cookies.
  • Adblock Plus - Ad blocker
  • NoScript - Allows you to block javascript, flash, and other client-side scripts on a page-by-page basis.
  • Flash Block - Blocks flash. Because I really don't like auto-playing flash, and I want to be doubly sure I never see it.
  • Pixlr Grabber - Allows you to take screen shots of an entire page or just part of a page and then automatically upload it to an image hosting site.
  • FlagFox - Shows a little flag next to the URL bar with information about the location of the server.
  • FoxyProxy - Gives you more advanced proxy control for firefox.
  • UserAgent Switcher - Lets you modify your user agent to whatever you want.
  • Google Translator - Lets you highlight text and right click on it to translate into another language with Google Translate.

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Thanks Orpheus for the good advice with ghostery.

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As you all know, I am not a big fan of Firefox and heavily biased towards Opera grin

However, I recognise its uses and that it has a number of scrips and addons. I also have every browser installed for testing website designs and stuff anyway... We can all universally agree that IE is bottom of the pile. grin

The only Firefox addons I have ever used are:

Firebug - I mean, c'mon, a browser without included developer tools?! It's 2012 and even IE has had its developer tools included since IE7, it's about time FF did...

RefControl - Only ever used that for a challenge where I couldn't be bothered to code a script to do the referer stuff and do the next page action.

TamperData - Quite possibly the most useful addon for pentesting, security and web development.

In Opera I have the following extensions:

NoAds - Does a wonderful job of blocking almost every known annoying advert. There may well be a version for FF, I don't know.

HTMLValidator - Links the current page to the W3C Validator, saves a bit of typing.

YouTube AdsFree - Works some of the time.

Show IDs - Allows you to hover over HTML elements on a page and show their HTML IDs - useful if you want to write a custom filter for NoAds to block an advert embedded in a static HTML element.

JsonViewer - See what JSON data is being passed between browser/server. I would like to find an XML socket thing like that or one for jQuery, might be useful.

Google Images Direct - Don't you jsut hate it normally when you click on an image in a Google image search, that it goes to the original page in a frame? Why not go direct? smile


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I actually never use addons at all really... I did have a few but new PC and never bothered to fucking get them again cus I never used them anyway. Generally don't do enough webdesign to need tools for that and if I need something tested I just whip up a quick PHP script for it. However, I didn't know about Flash Block, I'll be damn sure to check that one out. Thanks ynori.