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I'm working on making a website and I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the rel attribute in HTML? I want to make my site very search-engine-friendly so I have better SEO, and it seems like using the rel attribute is one way to do that, but I'm unsure about what the benefits are of adding rel attributes to anchors and link tags.

Also I was looking up rel="next" and rel="prev" and I'm a bit confused about it. Some places seem to say you can only use them on <link> in the page head, but some places say you can use it on <link> and <a>. Does it do anything for search engines on <a> tags?

I'm also confused about rel="author". It looks like it's just a google+ thing, but some sites I saw made it look like you can just add it to links to a person's profile page.

Is there anyone experienced with SEO and/or web development who can clarify the rel attribute?

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Not going to write long responce cos posting this from phone, but you should take a look at what w3schools tells about rel

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I don't know anything about those specific rel tags, but I don't think they're really important for SEO (at least not at the moment anyway). It looks like they were just ideas that search engines had to improve crawling.

I think the only one that really does anything is rel="nofollow" to prevent a crawler from crawling a link. You want to use that because when you're fairly high-ranked, linking to low-ranked sites can hurt your ranking.