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I have not produced my own articles and resources just yet for these problems.

However, here are some links that you may find useful, some you can work through in your own time. Some of thse may assume some basic knowledge, others are more forgiving smile

Websites and Resources

#1 wisc-online Under the Techincal section you can learn about AC, DC, digital and semiconductor circuits and devices. These are flash based slides which will walk you through anything at your own pace. Often if any other knowledge is required the slides tell you "Remember from ... if not, go back and go over it" so it's a good starting point for any beginners.

#2 AllAboutCircuits Another very good site that gives plenty of examples and explains things in stages.

#3 ecircuitcenter This is mainly centred around analogue and control electronics and using SPICE to simulate behaviour of devices.

**For those of you more in to Pop music and cool stuff: Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Physics - grin It does actually contain some good basic information**

**Extra information and tools**

SPICE Software

Linear Technology - LTspice: LTspice
Advanced use: If you need specific component models you can often download the manufacturer reference SPICE model online and include that in your schematic to have a rough idea of whether yoru circuit will work correctly.