Russian Android Trojan

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I heard the other day about an interesting new trojan on Android devices. A Russian company (or group or something) made a little game and made it free to download, and along with the game was a virus.

You download the game, play it for a while, and then you occasionally get text messages from the company saying things about getting more free content or something, and then it includes two links. You click the first link and it takes you to a blank page. Then you try the second link, still blank page. But actually every time you're visiting these links it sends a secret text message from your phone to the company's network, and each message charges you like 5 dollars.

Some people have been charged a ton of money from this already, and apparently some service providers were even distributing the game not knowing it was a virus. And it says that they're allowed to do it in the terms of service that nobody reads smile.

Has anybody else heard about something like this?

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I heard about it from a coworker, but I don't remember what the game was called. Pretty interesting though. I guess they made a lot of money with it.

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That is pretty mean. I doubt they would be successful with that in Germany as we have here a law that it must be obvious that it charges you money, otherwise you just don't need to pay the bill.