Terve Maailma (Hello World)

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So, hello everyone smile

It might be a little late for introduction, for i've been here since beginning of this year. Anyway, some brief info about me:

Im 17 years old, im from Finland. i mostly listen to Death- and Folk Metal. I know many programming languages, Java, C#, JS, PHP, Python, some C,(does HTML and CSS count?) etc, but i usually code in PHP or Python. Im learning to play bass so me and my friends could set up a band (will likely never happen). I do some drawing sometimes, but not much cos i dont own drawing tabled and im not much into traditional. If you'd like me to do a avatar/sig for you, i could try but im not gonna promise anyting.

I do lots of coding on my freetime, i might get i good idea for a website or something, code it for weekend or so, and then run out of motivation and adabon it. my homepage is l33th4x.fbi.gov, its ugly and WIP, and im not sure if i will ever finish it.

Oh, lots of boring text, so i'll end it here. and yeah, im not much a forum guy, i prefer IRc so if you have any questions for me ill be there most of the time