Weird Referers

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I'm wondering if maybe I'm lacking some detail in my knowledge about HTTP referers, because I've noticed in Valhalla's logs that we keep getting referrals from some pretty weird sites like Russian wedding dress sites, online banks, shopping sites, etc. And I'm pretty sure there isn't a link to Valhalla on those websites.

I'm aware that referers can be manually altered in the header, but they seem like kind of random things to put in there. Is it possible that the browser is holding onto that referer data and somehow attaching it to the headers of totally unrelated requests?

I'm just curious what the reason could be since it seems pretty strange to me. Any ideas?

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I've heard that sometimes people change their referer to be their own site in the hopes that it'll show up in your logs or Google Analytics and that you'll be curious enough about it to visit the page and see what it is. I guess it's sort of a trick to get more traffic.

That's the only explanation I can think of that makes sense. Maybe there's some other more technical reason though that I don't know about.

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That is a pretty good thought Senzon. thumbup