Launch Mibbit Chat

Connection Information

To connect to Valhalla's IRC channel, connect with the following details:

6697 (Be sure to enable SSL)

Before connecting, it is recommended that you carefully read Valhalla's IRC Etiquette displayed on this page.

Currently Active IRC Users

No one seems to be active at the moment in #valhalla. This doesn't mean nobody is online; just that nobody has spoken recently.

IRC Etiquette

  1. Nicks: Set your nick to something; don't just use the default mibbit nick. We don't like talking to people with names like mib_no3cub. Also, try to keep your nick relatively short. Users should also register their nicks using "/msg nickserv register <password> <email>". This will allow you to reclaim your nick if someone steals it or if you lose your connection.
  2. Speech: No leetspeak. Use full words. We don't like deciphering things like "hi how r u m8". Avoid excessive use of the caps lock/shift key.
  3. Behavior: Be courteous to your fellow IRC users. We're all here to learn and enjoy the conversation. No flaming or name-calling.
  4. Patience: Be patient. People seem to join the channel and expect everyone there to be ready and willing to help. We can't all be sitting there all the time. Be patient (i.e. stick around for at least an hour) and someone will be along eventually.
  5. IRC Usage: Familiarize yourself with some of the basic IRC commands. A simple Google search will yield many tutorials, but if you're really lazy, here is a decent starting point: Basic IRC Commands
  6. IRC Client: While this Mibbit IRC client is functional, it is recommended that you install non-web-based client such as irssi or xchat2.
  7. Be Nice To The Neighbors: Note that this is not Valhalla's server, it is part of the Psych0tik Network, and it is just home to our channel. There are also other channels unrelated to Valhalla, so treat those users with respect, and don't go to them for questions regarding Valhalla-related things.