Last week, a scandal shattered all of Germany after the Chaos Computer Club announced that they revealed espionage software used by the German government.

German states defend use of 'Federal Trojan' (Bundestrojaner) also known as "R2D2", "Remote Forensic Software" or "0zapftis". The CCC came into the possession of this trojan and published an analysis of it and they claim also that this specific trojan not only eavesdrops on conversations but also includes functions like establishing a backdoor on compromised machines and keystroke logging. The backdoor creates a means for third parties to hijack compromised machines, while the lack of encryption creates a mechanism for miscreants to plant false evidence. The CCC slams the code as being both "amateurishly written" and illegal.

Five German states including Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria and Lower Saxony already have admitted using a controversial backdoor trojan to spy on criminal suspects, but it seems that this trojan is more than just a new instrument for investigating criminals but a threat to the privacy of all German citizens.