The Japanese National Police Agency (an agency similar to the US's FBI) have decided to team up with hackers as a new tactic for combating cybercrime. In this new approach, police officials will join hacking communities and create relationships with hackers to collect information. The agency will also be hiring more staff with technical knowledge in fields relating to the Internet, smartphones, and information security.

This new technique also specifically mentions Tor, an onion routing network which uses multiple layers of encryption to preserve anonymity while browsing the web. This new strategy by the Japanese police states that they will consider limiting access to connections using tools like Tor.

This new program is a response to an incident last year where four people were wrongfully arrested after their PCs were hacked and used to post threats on public bulletin boards. In addition to these new changes they're implementing, they also recently issues the first ever wanted poster with a reward for a hacker. The reward was roughly $36,000.